G=Love Interest=


Koujaku is Aoba childhood friend but Koujaku has true feeling for Aoba. Aoba understand about Koujaku feeling In Kirby Adventure of Lion King Koujaku want to see Aoba again to be with him on journey. Koujaku saw Aoba and Noiz kissing and sex . It make him looks upset and angrily rape him then Aoba rejected his true feeling by punching his face and Koujaku run away for being rejected as he is very sad and felt heartsick but Aoba felt guilty and He tried to find Koujaku to apologize and wanted to be with Koujaku because Aoba had realized he has strong feeling for Koujaku too but Koujaku angrily ignore Aoba for not returning his own feeling. Aoba is being used by Scar with his Scrap control to kill him and the other teams. Koujaku killed Aoba because he want to save him Koujaku is sad that he killed his old friend and tried to killed himself but Aoba awake and stop Koujaku and tearfully apologize for hurting his feeling,tell him a truth that Noiz is just a close friend even though he returned Noiz feeling but he rejected him because Aoba realize he has fell in love with Koujaku. Noiz let him go back to Koujaku ,confused his true feeling to him and passionately kiss him before Aoba disappear. It make Koujaku heartbroken and he will never talk to his friend about it but Aoba is back by his brother Sei who saved him and help him get back to him. They have finally kissed, confused their true romantic feeling, make love and sec each other. they finally become true lover forever as they live peacefully in Koujaku house

=Close Relastionship=