Jeffrey Dragonheart is the main character of the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures and the Jeffrey & Friends' Storm Adventures series.

He's a young 21 year old autistic kid who dreams of seeing other worlds. So he decided to go and see other worlds, taking his friends Nathan, Mitsuki and his Pokemon Pikachu and Meowth with him.

Jeffrey is brave, kind, gentle, funny, loyal and friendly. But he can also be pretty tough to handle. He can also be somewhat tempermental sometimes. He's also very shy and somewhat timid at times.

He's also a excellent cook, so he and Mitsuki basically cooks for the team. Jeffrey is also a intelligent person and is a great inventor.

Thoughout the adventure series, Jeffrey has made many friends. Some of his new friends even joined his adventure team.

When angered, Jeffrey can transform into a dragon species known as the Skytsengel (which is a extremely rare species). In this form, he is very strong and powerful, stronger than Set. But even if he doesn't turn into a dragon, Jeffrey can still be

Dragon-Jeffrey (Jeffrey as a dragon) (NOTE: The type of dragon that Jeffrey can become is called The Skytsengel, which is Norwegian for "Guardian Angel". The Skytsengel is a extremely rare species of dragon.)

dangerously scary when he's angered by some reason, like for example, someone hurting Xion. Another part of Jeffrey is how he feels strong sadness for the deaths of characters like Mufasa, Littlefoot's mother and Bambi's mother since he doesn't want young characters like Simba, Littlefoot and Bambi to be orphans.

He is also Cheria the Summoner Roxas and Zuko brother