Riku holding memory card

Love IntrestEdit


As she was biggest fan and good friend of him But Riku have feeling for her 

Irnia have feeling for him too but she was shy and nervous. Riku and Irina have

strong feeling to each other

Close FriendshipEdit




He and Ken were good friend as Roxas and Ryu were good friend They have good team work and amazing ability

Andy Bogard

Andy and Riku were friendly rival and best of friend They both have love Intrest like Riku has Irina and Andy has Mai


Riku and Yagami were rival but yagami held a new friendship and respect with him even though he called him Good for nothing Riku but Riku doesn't want to say this but the friendly rival and best friend


Riku may not like him but he respect him as friend even though he enjoy punishing him for doing. bad stuff though Ralphael didn't mind But he consider him as turtle best friend

Thomas The Hedgehog

They have brother relastionship He and thomas could be best friend They held friendship to each other


They both have respect friendship each other Even though he and Yuri were rival Flynn became Riku servant and partner


Former enemy but athrun respect him and he care for him even God They became Coonidator best friend As they both us good teamwork


He and 002 are close friend but 002 respect him They are best friend they use the best teamwork


004 may help him they are close friend but best friend because Riku knew his past He is very sad about his fiancée Hilda have passed away they have the best teamwork


He may not like him but he respect him Even though he sometime punish him and 006 to stop fighting Though he didn't mind but like 002 and 004 cyborg best friend


He may not like him but he respect him even he punish him Hworang didn't have to say but consider him as His best friend