Saeko Busujima (毒島冴子, Busujima Saeko) is a student at Fujimi High School, a member of the survivor group led by Takashi Komuro and the daughter of Master Busujima. Before the apocalypse, she was in her Third year and was also captain of the Kendo Club at Fujimi High School. In the group, Saeko is considered the most reliable of all fighters, and everyone can count on her combat skills to pull them through a tough spot if need be. Like Rei, Saeko is an athletic fighter and talented combat specialist whose forte is in melee attacks. She is one of the reasons why the protagonists have managed to survive as far as they have. At the beginning of the series, she uses a bokken wooden sword that she used to fight "Them" with, but she was later given a sword by Souichiro Takagi to fight "Them". She has crush on Takashi  and got fight with Rei But she develop romantic feeling for Terra  Then she and Terra got married and gave birth to 8 children's Kenji,Saeko Jr,Soh She is new mother to Saizo


  • She will meet Jude  and his friend in the second episode
  • in the end of third episode she develop crush on Terra
  • In Jude Adventure of Ninja Gaiden OVA Terra return her feeling with her
  • Saeko become sister friendship to Aqua and Alexis
  • In the ending of Jude adventures of Mega Man X2 she married Terra and gave birth to her 5 sons and 4 daughters like Lady Rainiunicorn and Jake