Shirayuki Hotogi (星伽 白雪 Hotogi Shirayuki?) is a female student of Butei High and a childhood friend of Kinji. She is enrolled in Butei's special department known as SSR and has a Butei rank of A. She is the oldest of six sisters with a younger sister called Hotogi Konayuki . She is the current student council president. She is also a president of various clubs like the gardening club, handicraft club, and girls volleyball club. A perfect Japanese beauty according to Kinji, except for one flaw: jealousy, which turns her into a berserker and usually assaults the girls that involve Kinji (Obviously because she loves him and she does not want any girl to approach him). She uses a Japanese sword named Irokane Ayame as a weapon of choice. Using the Hotogi Arts, she is able to control flames. She is also capable of seeing into the future using divination, out of which hers is the strongest in the Hotogi. She likes to text Kinji a lot but he almost never replies. But after the series Kinji reject her crush


  • She might have crush on Kinji on series Hidan No Aria but he reject it and now she have crush on her childhood friend Chiaki and become his girlfriend